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The Gallo Roman Baths

Visites pour adultes

Thermes de Lutèce après restauration 3
Date : dimanche 22 juillet 2018 - 11:00

Durée : 1h

Public : Adultes

The remains of the Gallo Roman public baths of Cluny, also called the "Northern Baths", are amongst the most prominent baths preserved outside the Mediterranean region. The frigidarium, the cold room, is in an especially good shape, boasting an intact 14 meterhigh vault, making it the most spectacular room of the whole building.
The subterranean structures situated in the norther part of the baths were equally as important as they housed the "technical" areas. This part of the building can be visited with a museum lecturer only.

Please book your tour at the ticket desk of the museum, same day, depending upon availability. 

Tarif(s) : 8 €