> > Votive crowns from the treasure of Guarrazar

Votive crowns from the treasure of Guarrazar

The Musée de Cluny holds some of the Visigothic crowns discovered at Guarrazer, near Toledo in the 19th century (between 1858 and 1860).

As votive objects, the crowns most likely decorated the altars of one or more churches in Toledo, as a symbol of the submission of the Visigoth kings to the Roman Catholic church and its leaders.

In actual fact, these exceptional pieces of jewelry are a testimony to the precious craftsmanship of artists in the courts of the “barbarian” princes of the people who mass-migrated in the 4th—7th centuries. 

Acquired in 1859. 

Inventory no.: Cl. 2879, Cl. 2885, Cl. 3211
Height: 67.3 cm
Diameter: 16.8 cm
Place of discovery: Guarrazar (Spain)
Additional information on the location: Place of production: Visigothic Spain
Century: 7th century
Technique: goldsmithery