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The queen of Sheba

Column statues were first erected in the embrasures of the portals on the west façade of Saint-Denis. This ensemble, produced at the behest of Abbot Suger and completed in 1140, featured prophets and kings from the Old Testament. Destroyed in 1771, it was only known through drawings, among them six heads dispersed between the Musée de Cluny and American museums. These remains include the head of the Queen of Sheba, her hair braided and wearing a crown decorated with cabochons.

Before 1140, circa 1137? 
1986 acquisition.

Inventory no.: Cl. 23250
Height: 36.5 cm
Width: 12 cm
Depth: 21 cm
Destination : Basilica of Saint-Denis
Additional information on the location: From the right embrasure of the central portal on the west façade of the Basilica of Saint-Denis
Techniques: direct engraving; sculpture; column statue