> > Stained glasses from the Sainte-Chapelle

Stained glasses from the Sainte-Chapelle

Samson and the lion. Four characters.

These two stained glass panels come from two of the 15 bays of the Sainte-Chapelle, built at the request of St Louis (1226—1270) to house the relics of the Passion that he had recently acquired.

On one of the panels, Samson is tearing open the jaws of the lion (Cl. 14474). This first episode in the battle of the biblical hero reveals the invincible strength that he has been given and which he would put to work for his people (the Hebrews) against the Philistines.

The skillful technique of the “grisaille” painting on glass, the elegant choice of colors (for the Four Characters panel) and the dynamic lines (for Samson and the Lion), as well as their prestigious provenances, are all the hallmark of the great 13th century painter-glassmakers in service of the king. 

Granted to the museum in 1859.

Restored with the support of the Gaz de France corporate foundation.

Inventory no.: Cl. 14474 and Cl. 23723
Height: 65 cm
Width: 50 cm
Depth: 64 cm
Period: 2nd quarter of the 13th century
Techniques: grisaille; stained glass