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This page lists the works that have been added to the museum’s collections in the past three years through various acquisitions. The Musée de Cluny would like to express its most sincere gratitude to its donors, and particularly the Friends of the museum society, as well as the Ministry of Culture.


  • Blessing Child Jesus from Malines
    Ronde bosse polychromed sculpture
    H. 32,5 cm
    Malines (Brabant), circa 1500
    Cl. 23936

  • Interior of the palace of the thermal baths
    Victor-Jean Nicolle
    H. 8,5 cm ; L. 13,5 cm
    Cl. 23937

  • Portal splay capital: The gift of the keys to Saint Peter
    H. 32,5 cm ; L. 39 cm ; P. 40,7 cm
    3rd quarter of the 12th century
    Cl. 23938

  • Portal splay capital : The deliverance of Saint Peter
    H. 34 cm ; L. 37-38 cm ; P. 37 cm
    3rd quarter of the 12th century
    Cl. 23939

  • Book of hours for the use of Rome
    Printed by Philippe Pigouchet for Simon Vostre (bookseller)
    22 août 1498
    Cl. 23940
  • Embroidered orphrey stripe :  saint Peter, saint Philip, saint Thomas or saint Matthias
    Spain, 1st half of the 15th century
    Cl. 23941

  • Chasuble with two orphreys 
    Spain, 2nd half of the 15th century
    Cl. 23942

  • Three embroidered fragments 
    Flandres, circa 1480
    Cl. 23943-1, Cl. 23943-2, Cl. 23943-3

  • Three dalmatic panels
    End of the 15th century
    Cl. 23944-1, Cl. 23944-2, Cl. 23944-3

  • Illuminated page : Woman praying 
    From the book of hours of Maître Collins
    H. 18,5 cm ; L. 12,5 cm
    circa 1450
    Cl. 23945


  • Chasuble with an orphrey stitched onto the front and a bordered cross on the back
    Velvet. Silk embroidery and metallic thread.
    H. 96; W. 54 cm
    Velvet: Italy, 15th century
    Embroidery: Cologne, 3rd quarter of the 15th century
    Cl. 23933 

  • Painting: Interior of the Palais des Thermes, Musée de Cluny
    Oil on canvas by François-Marius Borel,1886
    H. 72 W. 58 cm.
    1887 Salon, no. 293
    Cl. 23934

  • Sculpture group of three apostles (Peter, John and James?), busts
    Sculpture from the predella of an altarpiece
    Walnut? Polychrome
    H. 43; W. 43 cm
    Southern Empire, Lower Rhine?
    First quarter of the 16th century 
    Cl. 23935
    Purchase at auction


  • Embroidered orphrey stripe
    Polychrome silk thread, spun gold, gold and silver thread on canvas backing
    H. 123; W. 22 cm
    Florence, last third of the 14th century, first third of the 15th century
    Cl. 23928

  • Embroidered appliqué: Virgin and Child
    Polychrome silk thread, gold and silver thread on canvas backing
    H. 66; W. 26 cm
    Germany or Flanders
    Bears the embroidered date: 1451 or 1457
    Cl. 23929

  • St. James the Less
    Ronde bosse sculpture
    Stone (limestone). Traces of polychrome
    H. 42 cm
    Attributed to Jean Crocq, Lorraine, circa 1500
    Cl. 23930

  • Engraving tool, the top of which represents a lady holding a small dog
    Sculpted elephant ivory
    H. 10.7 cm
    France (Paris ), mid-14th century
    Label bearing the hand-written inscription in black ink: “Found in the Seine/at the foot of/the former Nesle’s Tower”
    Former collection of Victor Gay
    Cl. 23931

  • Christ on the cross
    Christ in repoussé on champlevé, enameled and gilded copper, fixed onto a champlevé, enameled and gilded copper plate
    H. 30; W. 17.5 cm
    Limoges, early 13th century
    Former collections of Charles Mège, Auguste de Bastard d’Estang, Auguste Duthil
    Cl. 23932


  • Painting by Jean Hey, known as the Master of Moulins: Virgin and Child with Four Angels circa 1495
    Painting on wood
    Cl. 23926
    Purchase thanks to an anonymous donor

  • Case with engraved decoration
    13the century
    Ivory over a solid wood structure, copper alloy hinges
    Cl. 23924
    Donation from the Foundation La Marck

  • Case with etched decoration
    circa 1500, France
    Iron, solid wood structure, xylography on paper
    Cl. 23925
    Donation from the Foundation La Marck

  • Book of hours
    circa 1470, Troyes
    Cl. 23927
    Donation from Mrs. Diane Seynave