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Pillar of the Boatmen

The pillars presented here are Gallo-Roman votive architectural elements.

Dating from the 1st century, the Pillar of the Boatmen, discovered in the 18th century under Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, was an offering from the boatmen of the Seine to the Roman emperor Tiberius, who reigned over Gaul (a Roman province) at the time. 
Their allegiance nevertheless remained a prudent one, as the pillar, also known as the stone of dedication, features images from both the Celtic pantheon and that of the new Roman ruler, in a rare example of syncretism.

The fragments of the Saint-Landry Pillar, discovered in 1829 during landscaping work on the Ile de la Cité, depict only Roman divinities.

Inventory no.: Cl. 1461 and Cl. 18602 - 18605
Height: restored total above 250 cm
Periods: 1st quarter of the 1st century; 2nd quarter of the 1st century
Technique: sculpture