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Fighting Treatise

This unfinished manuscript compiles a multitude of techniques for handling weapons, including that of the famous German master Johann Lichtenauer. This was an essential, if not compulsory, manual for young princes from the medieval high nobility.

Three hundred and fifty-eight color illustrations depict the fundamentals of fighting, both bare-handed or armed, in a precise, analytical and dynamic way. However, the text has not been copied into the upper sections of the pages left blank for this purpose.

Weapons (swords, daggers, buckler) similar to those that appear at various points in this manuscript are also held at the Musée de Cluny.

Former collection of the princes of Fürstenberg.

2008 acquisition.

Inventory no.: Cl. 23842
Height: 21.8 cm
Width: 15.8 cm
Depth: 8 cm
Period: 4th quarter of the 15th century
Technique: manuscript